Review: It Works! Body Wraps!

Ok seriously I am so excited to share this product with you! 

A couple months ago, I went to my husbands work (which happens to be a gym/personal training facility) to see what was going on because they were having an open house. Venders were there showing their products hoping people would buy of coarse. 
There was a lady at a boothe with these body wraps. She tried to tell me about it but I was totally not having it. I'm not so easily tricked with "miracle products".  She showed me that she was wearing one, her before and after pictures and even offered a discount that day. No thanks, not for me. 

Well, yesterday one of my co-workers had a wrap party with the same product. She showed me her before and afters with her first wrap and I was totally interested. I think this time I was less skeptical because she wasn't a distributor trying to sell me and she was someone I knew. 

So last night I got the backs of my legs wrapped to see how this was going to work. I definitely have a pear shaped body so my hips and thighs are my biggest problem areas. 
The wrap looks like this: 
The distributor puts this on the desired area then wraps you in plastic wrap. 
The product on the wrap is all natural and feels Icy Hot . 
All of us got wrapped and hung out and talked for the next 45 mins to an hour with our wraps on. 

*I will not be sharing my before and after pictures this time because obviously, I had the backs of my legs which is a little more of me then I would like you to see ;) I wasn't really planning of blogging it or maybe I would've done my stomach instead. You'll have to forgive me. *

After about an hour you take it off and you instantly see results! The product will keep working for the next 72 hours too. You need to drink plenty of water during this time because its like a detox for your fat cells. 

Now, you will not keep seeing your awesome results if you do not live a healthy lifestyle (going to the gym, eating right, etc.) Since I have recently started to work out again, this was the perfect instant motivator for me to keep going!

I do not sell the wraps (yet..I think I might start!) so I do not have all of the information for you about the ingredients and exactly what its doing but I want you to know that it definitely works! 
I could not be happier with my results. It totally tightened, toned, and firmed up my thighs. The outside of my legs totally firmed up and aren't quite as wide and my inner thighs, which have always touched, tighten up too! When I took off my wrap and stood with my legs the same distance apart as my before picture, it was like they just got instantly more firm and touch way less! 

Since I'm not sharing my before pics, I thought I would share some from people who have used the It Works! system. 

So final verdict of my review.... I love this product! 
I wasn't really doing this review to tell you every detail about the product and how it works. I just mainly wanted to get the word out there about it, just in case you come across it too like I did and pass it up. 

The It Works! brand has different lines of products that you should check out too! I will hopefully be checking out some more items from them will let you know how they work! Oh and yes, next time I will show my before and after pictures with you all! To learn more, be sure to check out the link above! 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann