Autumn Bucket List

This year I shamelessly made an Autumn bucket list 8 weeks in advance ;)

I was so sick and tired of summer. SIDE NOTE: We live in a little farmhouse built in the early 50's. That means no air conditioner, just a wall unit in our living room. I remember the week we came home from our honeymoon, we had to pull our mattress off our bed and onto the floor in the living room in front of the wall unit just so we could be cool enough to sleep. Its was MISERABLE. So, I decided it was definitely appropriate to get myself excited for the new autumn season :)

Here she is! My chalk board autumn bucket list.  

I have yet to do a lot, but heres what I have done. 

My brother's football game. Yes, I have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes I took other pictures but of coarse deleted them off my phone so this is what you get... but who doesn't love that pink sleeve ;) 
When I wrote my bucket list it was intended that we go to a Fresno State game, but since we haven't yet...these high school games count right?

Fall Crafting! 
Finally found a use for my 200 mason jar lids that we collected from our wedding. 
Who doesn't love some rustic DIY pumpkins?

That's all for now! Next weekend we will be up hunting...yes there will be plenty of pictures because its a family trip :)...but after that I'm determined to start checking off the rest of my list! 

I would love more suggestions for fall activities so let me know!

With Love, Kenzie Ann