what i'm thankful for

Lately I've just really been noticing the Lord blessing Kyle and I. I know he has always blessed us, but I've just been really trying to humble myself before him and he has opened my eyes to my many blessings.

  • The company that Kyle is working for is growing and he is now the head trainer! God is so good! click here  to visit his company's website and get 3 free training sessions.
  • After the wedding, we received everything that we needed to live in our house. Like even a kitchen aid mixer from our amazing friends. I was NOT expecting to receive as much as we did and Im so thankful. 
  • On that note, I was only 20 when we got married. Thinking about it now it seems young. Not that I'm much older right now because I turned 21 about 3 weeks after the wedding, but just the fact that God answered my prayers about getting married young and finding my best friend is seriously so amazing.
  • I finished my first week of work. HALLELUJAH ! Only had 1 melt down while at work..(don't judge) and 1 at home...Not bad for me, especially because I never like anything new at the very beginning. I'm realizing I am very critical of myself and I hate being bad at something. I'd rather just not try, then realize I'm bad. Yes it's a problem, yes I'm dealing with it. 
  • Kyle is seriously a great husband. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) I don't notice or recognize him for it but he is so good! He helps clean the house if I'm working, always is keeping track of where I put things, he's a great listener and advice giver, he can cook, loves manly things like football, hunting, fishing, etc, but he also is sensitive towards me, puts up with my moodiness and meltdowns, always honest, loves my family, so good at compromising, and loves the Lord. What more can a girl ask for?!
Yep, I'm blessed and so thankful for what the Lord has provided. Now I'm off to go shopping (for groceries but maybe i'll sneak over to Target and TJMAXX while I'm out) because Kyle and his brother are hunting for the weekend. Only 2 more weeks until deer season is over! WOOOO! I get my husband back! haha ;)

With love,
Kenzie Ann