Girls Weekend in SLO

My soon to be sister-in-law Chelsea and I took a trip to her hometown to meet up with the rest of her bridesmaids, to go dress shopping for us. We got the dresses picked out as well as making time to shop in downtown SLO (San Luis Obispo). We had such a great girls weekend! 
If you've never been to downtown SLO for some shopping go and do it! They have great little shops and stores. My favorite was of coarse Pottery Barn. 

Yepp that's me being a goober, taking a picture in front of the store with my new purchase! Chelsea and I both got ornaments which for me was good because I definitely wanted to buy the whole store. 

Yes it's safe to say I have an OBSESSION. Don't judge ;)

Powell's! Chelsea used to work here!

I thought the Firestone gelato was gross but Chelsea who doesn't like beer thought it was pretty good...strange...Firestone is a local brewery and we tried it for Aaron (my brother-in-law)

Had a Jamba Juice from the first ever Jamba Juice! 
Oh and you haven't ordered the Sour Gummy.. you need to!! (It's on their secret menu.)

Left a mark on Urban Outfitters. 

We had a great trip and I really didn't get a chance to take enough pictures. I don't really like the quality of my phone pictures anyway so whatevs ;) Soon enough I'll have my DSLR! I'm thinking I'll go with the Cannon 70D! So excited! Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend and Happy Veteran's Day!!

With love,
Kenzie Ann