Out with the Old.

Happy Wednesday! Or should I say Hump day!

Sorry I just really can't get over that commercial! haha so anyways, onto a very sad topic in my opinion... getting rid of your old PJ's. *sniff sniff

So I really dreaded the day that my husband realized that I had NO cute PJ's. That day was last friday.   He finally told me the honest truth that I didn't exactly look like a turn on. Truth be told, he's totally right. Every night I wear, his old sweats, a really old sports bra, and one of his old big T-shirts; Oh and an old sweatshirt if its too cold. To me its heaven because it equals complete warmth and comfort but I'm sure to him I look like a complete slob. Poor guy! With that being said, I decided to find comfy but really cute PJ's to wear in the winter.  Let's just call this post a wish list and hope my husband find it ;)

Victoria's Secret

     The dreamer flannel                                          The mayfair flannel                                              The raglan tee and pj set         

{the picture is the link}



Well that's just a couple that I found.. Anybody find any super cute, warm PJ's that they would like to share with me?! Let me know your favorites :)

With love,
Kenzie Ann