Pottery Barn Knockoff?

This weekend I went on a girls weekend trip with my sister to her hometown near San Luis Obispo. 
The reason for the trip was bridesmaid dress shopping but we of coarse made time for some shopping in downtown SLO.  (pictures to come) 
While we were there we went to Pottery Barn aka: my HEAVEN! I was so excited to finally make it to an actual store. As we all know, they're a little on the pricey side compared to places like Ikea or Target. I was determined to get a rug that I had seen and fell in love with but wasn't willing to fork over the money for. 
Here's the rug!

Seriously so cute but the price tag, not so much. 
So like I said, I was determined to find a look-a-like. 
The next day, while we were doing a little shopping at Target, I spotted this little beauty. 

It was $129.99 for the 5ft x 7ft. I also found a coupon from the app Cartwheel that gave me an extra %15 off! I was a happy girl! 
Here's Targets picture. (via Target.com)

They are different, but I get the same look that I was going for at a much prettier price. 

The Pottery Barn rug is made of pure New Zealand wool and is definitely thinner and more shaggy. 

The Target Rug is made of Polypropylene. Obviously you get what you pay for with the Pottery Barn quality. The Target rug is also very thick and super cozy looking in the living room. 

Overall I'm very happy with my new purchase! I get my same look without breaking our budget! 
Anybody else share in my obsession with Pottery Barn?? I'd love to hear about your purchases from there or any decor look-a-likes that you've found :)

With love, 
Kenzie Ann