The Thankful Project: Day 12

Day 12: An Opportunity

When I first read the prompt for today. I immediatly thought of the opportunity of going to South Africa last year. It really was an amazing opportunity and I thank God for sending me because I truly didn't pay a cent towards the trip and was so impacted.
Then I thought about the Focus on the Family podcast that I just finished listening to while I was at the gym this morning. It was about a soldier in the Army, Scotty Smiley, who had to learn to walk by faith and not by sight. His story was incredible and his wife's testimony of how she dealt with their new journey was very touching. He was now completely dependent on his new wife of only 16 months and God. She could've divorced him after she finally saw what had happened to him while he was deployed in Iraq, but she remembered her vows that she had made; For better or for worse, in good times and in bad. I'm trying not to tell you all of their story because I really think everyone should listen to them speak. 
Here's the link to the podcast. 
Anyways, what she said and their story really touched me. I have been so blessed with the opportunity of marriage. Some people never get the opportunity to marry their best friend like I did at age 20. Sometimes I think of what some people tell me when they find out that I'm already married, like: you have so much to experience still, don't you want to date around more to see what other guys have to offer, why do you want to get tied down?.... I guess I can sorta see where those people are coming from if they have never had best friend who doubled as their spouse. I know though, that God is the one who writes my story. I prayed for a husband like Kyle since the beginning of high school. I told God that I didn't want to date around and I want the person I'm supposed to marry to be the only person I date. 
God listened to my prayers and granted me the desires of my heart. When I think about Tiffany Smiley (Scotty Smileys wife), I think of what a trying time she had to go through but she chose to obey God and stick with her vows and stay by her husbands side. She had no idea how their new normal life would be like but she listened to God anyway. 
Maybe one day I will have to make the same choice, I have no idea what God has written in my or my husband's story but I vowed to stay with him through good and bad, for better or worse. I'm really thankful that God has given my the opportunity of getting married to my best friend and I will love and cherish him all the days of my life.
With love, 
Kenzie Ann