The Thankful Project Day 22

Day 22: An Expectation

The expectation I am thankful for is being a wife.
 I know I have a lot to learn still about being a good wife but I love this expectation. I feel like I am finally where I want to be in life. I get a best friend to share life with, I get to cook, clean, decorate, relax in my own house. Kyle and I can start our own traditions and do things our own way. Everything about being married and becoming a wife has been so awesome. Even though I'm only 21, I have never felt as though I was supposed to be in the stages of life that I have gone through. In Jr. High I was ready for high school, in high school (which I HATED) I was more than ready to get away from everybody and go to college. 
Once I got to college (Kyle and I had been dating for about 6 months) I finally thought I was where I wanted to be and felt comfortable with the stage of life. Not too long, possibly a year later, I realized that my only true goal is to be a wife and mom. At the point, Kyle and I started talking about marriage and we got engaged probably 8 months later. I was ready to move along and be done with college and move along in the marriage journey. Well, I go to an ever so lovely Jr. College which I have been going to wayyyy too long and has now discouraged me from transferring to a university. The fact that I still am not graduated and we've been married for 5 months really is frustrating because I feel like I already met my goal of becoming a wife. What else do I want? The only thing that makes me want to finish school is the fact that once I finish I don't have to ever go back and I can be a full time wife and mom; oh and start working on my photography skills. 
If staying home and raising a family means we have to cut back expenses and maybe I won't get the dream SUV I want, I'm more than ok with that. I have never heard a stay at home mom say she regretted her decision to stay home and watch her children grow up. 
Anyways, I love being a wife. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this expectation. I can't wait until I finish with school and am able to focus on being the best wife I can possibly be. 

Does anybody else share my passion to just be a wife and mother? 
How did it work out for you to stay home and raise a family?

With love,
Kenzie Ann