The Thankful Project: Day 28

Day 28: Free Day

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm so excited to go through this holiday season as a married woman! Wooo! 
Today's prompt is a free day so I can write about anything I want.... I have so many things that I can write about but I think I will be very general. I am thankful for my life. God has truly blessed my family and I. We had a rough couple of years with my mom being sick, grandpa passing, step dad filing for divorce, him backing out of paying for my wedding then having him and my sister completely throwing us out of the house. Sounds worse than I think it really was and I'm not telling everyone so you can feel sorry for us. I am truly thankful that God has really blessed my brother, mom, Kyle and  I. 
Right after the divorce happened, we got a new wedding venue in a beautiful backyard for free, my brother got a truck given to him by my best friend, my mom found a house to rent that is perfect for her and my brother, and Kyle and I we're able to move into this little house next to his grandparents after the wedding. Now the Lord's blessings just keep on pouring out on us and we couldn't be more thankful. 

I'm also thankful to Kenzie at Chasing Happy for making this Thankful Project! It was such an awesome idea and really made me realize how blessed I am. 

Hope everybody has a great day with family!

With love, 
Kenzie Ann