The Thankful Project: Day 5

This morning while reading up on some blog post from some of my favorite bloggers, I ran across a blogger participating in The Thankful Project. This is so great because I've basically been doing the same thing! If you don't know what The Thankful Project is, I'll put a link to a fellow Kenzie's blog called Chasing Happy here :) So excited to be linking up with her and participate in this awesome project!

Ok so...Day 5: A talent you have.

Of coarse this would be the prompt I have to start with ;)
It has always been hard for me to acknowledge a talent that I have...But lately I have really been getting crafty!
Ever since I got married a couple of months ago and moved out of my parents house, I've just been able to do more DIY project because I have so much space to do them and nobody to tell me to be careful and not use certain things. It's so nice! haha
Some crafts that I'm really proud of would be my wedding decor, wreath, framed white board, painted dresser, and my cute burlap bulletin board in my kitchen :) Since I have only been here a couple of months I've only done a couple of projects and most I haven't taken pictures of just because I'm still saving for my DSLR camera. I REALLYYYY can't wait to start making Christmas DIY decor for my house and take pictures with the new camera because I'm almost ready to buy it!
Anyways, enough about the camera... I'm very thankful that the Lord has given me the ability to be crafty and resourceful. It's come in handy for my husband too because I'm not out buying things that I can just make myself ;D

Can't wait to share some more of my crafts!

With love, 
Kenzie Ann