The Thankful Project: Day 8

Day 8: Words

Ok so I have two "words" or in my case books that I am thankful for. First is the bible. I didn't start getting into reading my bible until a couple of years ago. I never thought I would enjoy it and thought it was so old and boring. Then in high school, I started to have quiet times with the Lord reading his word. I started in the New Testament and read a chapter a night. Once I started to read, it was like God totally opened my eyes to his word and it felt like he was speaking to me. If you haven't started to have some quiet times with the Lord, I recommend getting a notebook, and open your bible to one of the gospels (Matt. Mark. Luke. John.) or James. I think I might have started with James. Its now one of my favorite books in the bible. 
Once you read a chapter, write down a verse that stuck out to you. After I write down a few verses, I usually journal in the notebook or write down prayers. I like to look back at my journals and see what God was doing in my life at that time. 

Ok so this is the Christy Miller Book Series. I read all of them when I was in high school. If your not a reader at all (like me) then at least give this books a shot. They're amazing!! These fiction books are so encouraging and not full of love/sex junk like other young love books. The series follows the main character Christy and her friends from age 14 till after college. They really teach girls what to do and not to do with love and friends. The christian message in them is just so refreshing. To have a fiction book talk about God in such a normal, not "preachy" way throughout the whole series is awesome. 
I learned so much from these books. I can also say that because I started reading these books at age 15, I started to pray for my future husband. What book or movie or person for that matter, encourages  praying for someone you don't even know, but that's really what all young girls should do. I really can't say enough amazing things about this series and all of Robin Jones Gunn's books. PLEASEEEE check out the series at her website. I'll link it here. These books helped me through some tough teen angst. I'm so thankful that I came across them and that God really spoke through them. 

Do you recommend any good book or have any words that you are thankful for?

With love, 
Kenzie Ann