The Thankful Project: Day 9

Day 9: A Photo 

There are so many photos that I am thankful for! How in the world do you pick just one?? I love pictures so much, especially old ones. I'm realizing that I need to print out all my pictures that I take now. What good are pictures that stay on your computer or phone? 
Here are a couple of my favorites.

Mexico Missions 2010

Black Friday 2011

Hunting 2012

Yosemite 2012

 My Brother and I :)
 a random fishing of many ;)
Africa 2012
 My momma and I in Santa Cruz 2011
The day I met Giada De Laurentis and bought my wedding dress in San Francisco with my momma
The day we got engaged!

Most of these don't seem like anything special but each picture holds a memory. 
The reason why I am soon going into photography is because I long to capture those memories for others as well.
I challenge you to start taking more pictures when your out making memories and print a couple out. You'll be happy you did one day in 20 years when you are looking back and remembering the good 'ol days.  These days are the best days. Make memories that will last a lifetime. 

With love,
Kenzie Ann