A glimpse into our first christmas.

We were very excited to spend our first christmas together as a married couple!
It didn't feel like our first married christmas though... It feels like we've been married forever! Love knowing I get to spend the rest of my christmas' with him :)

So we spent christmas eve night with Kyle's family and did a little gambling ;)
such a fun game and we found out that his cousins are pregnant! yay!! Seriously everyyyybodyyyy is getting pregnant right now its crazy!

we actually did christmas eve day at my mom's then to his side then back to my moms again.
We had a busy day..yay for being married and splitting up christmas activities! 

Christmas day we woke up and had our christmas with each other! We were both super excited to have each other open our gifts. 

this picture is me opening up my new camera!!! So yes that's why the quality is different. 

Here she is! My new Nikon D5300! I am in love :)

Look at this mess! We were so blessed this year! It was a great christmas!
More festivities...

yepp that's Kyle and its a short hoop ;)

Playing basket ball with the cousins. 

Look at that face! He must have got into some treats...He's precious!