Date Night Ideas!

Who needs a date night??

When Kyle and I came home from our honeymoon, our best friends made this for us and it also came with a couple of gift cards and tickets to start us out on some date nights. They've been married for over a year so I'm guessing this was no problem for them to come up with.. They are the best date night idea couple. 
Actually, I don't know if I've ever introduced you to them on the blog so here's the other Mackenzie:

Yepp that's right we're both Ma(c)kenzie's except hers is spelt different ;)

Oh and fun fact, we are both Ma(c)kenzie Ann's and our hubby's have the same birthday! Weird right!? 

Her and her hubby make us the bucket of date nights and I though I should share them with you! 

*I take no credit for this craft or the idea, it was all hers!*

Date Nights:
1. Make a bucket list

2. Watch a cooking show and try to make the recipe together


4. Have a fiesta night

5. Water balloon fight

6. Dress up in your best and show off to each other 

7. Watch the sunrise/sunset together

8. Blindfolded taste test

9. Farmer's market

10. Make homemade ice cream


12. Make chocolate covered strawberries

13. Volunteer together

14. Play Putt Putt Golf 


16. Go to a minor league game

17. Go stargazing

18. Try new ethnic foods

19. Go on a picnic

20. Make a homemade pizza

21. Curl up together by a warm fire and roast marshmallows

22. (Married people) Take a shower by candle light

23. (Married people) Sexy game of truth or dare

24. Movie night from red box and dollar store candy

25. Go to the zoo

Honestly we haven't been able (more like made the time) to go on any of these dates. We've done dinner and a movie but I think what I will do is make a post and show you guys pictures when we do go on these dates! It's so important to date your spouse. Make the time and keep the spark in your marriage/relationship! 

Anybody else have any good date night ideas?

With love, 
Kenzie Ann