My Winter Essentials

Sometimes you need a little something to get you through the cold winter months. Well in my case, I need 12 ;)
Check out my favorite things for winter!

1. Bath and Body Works candles. Seriously I have an addiction with candles and these are my favorite by far. They are a little more on the pricey side but with their 2 for $22 sale and a good coupon they're totally worth it. My favorite for this cold time of year is Fresh Balsam and Spiced Cider. I only burn Spiced Cider in the Kitchen (this is kinda weird but) it reminds me the kitchen when I was little...not sure who's kitchen though because my mom rarely burned candles in there. 

2. My white beanie. I'm now in love with my white beanie that I got probably 3 years ago from Target. The picture isn't the exact one but is very close. White beanies just have this christmas-y, snow day feeling to me even though we live in the valley and the closest thing we have to snow is ice on our cars and lawn for a week. I can pretend there's a winter wonderland outside right? ;)

3. Grey infinity scarf. I'm pretty sure this picture is from target and this is exactly what mine looks like. I'm loving any big chunky infinity scarf. They're so cozy and warm and when you put them over just normal long sleeve shirts and pair them which a peacoat, your instantly a little more put together. They're so easy to wear and are so cute! Target has more right now that I want to snag. 

4. A good hand cream. With this cold weather come dry skin. My face and hands always gets super dry this time of year. I always have a little travel sized hand cream in my purse to put on my knuckles when ever started to crack. Gross right?! Well it gives me an excuse to get the Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere Hand Cream. It's so think and creamy and smells like a strong vanilla cupcake. The smell is pretty potent but it smells amazing to me so I don't mind, plus the way it moisturizes my hands is incredible. Everybody needs to try this product. 

5. Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume. I think Kyle got this for me last year for christmas or maybe it was the year before. I was trying to find a new scent that he liked to and he chose this one. Its a little fruity but has more of a vanilla carmel smell to it as opposed to the original Wonderstruck perfume. I didn't use it much after that winter he bought it for me but this month I decided to save some of my favorite Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, so I sprayed this instead. I was surprised that I liked it so much more now and have been wearing it everyday! Funny how our smells change. 

6. My William Tell Me About OPI nail polish. First of all, OPI is probably my favorite nail polish with ESSIE being its close competitor. The formulation in the OPI polishes though are so opaque and never streaky for me.  The brush is also wider. Some people don't like that though so maybe test out the Rimmel Nail polish first because the brush is comparable if you don't want to pay the $8.50 for OPI. ANYWAYS that was a long way to say I love this polish. It is a really dark maroonish red. If you like dark nails but don't want to do all black, then this is perfect for you. 

7. A white peacoat. The one in the picture is apparently from Victoria's Secret but this is not the one I have, although its almost identical. Mine is from Bass Pro Shops 2 years ago. Kyle got it for me for Christmas because every time we went to bass pro I had to try it on and stare in the mirror at it. I'm in love with it still. With the coat being white, I have to wear a scarf with it always or else my makeup from my neck/ jaw line area will get on it, but if I'm wearing a heavy coat it means it really cold and I would want to wear a scarf anyways. Bass Pro doesn't have the white one this year but they do have a beautiful red one that I almost wanted but I realized I need a black one before a colored one. They are really nice jackets though; very well made. 

8. Starbucks. Need I say more? Ok I will say something though, My husband has given me a coffee budget of $15 a month which has made this addiction hard to get over. Now its a special occasion when I get my Starbs. 
p.s. I totally break the winter rule and get Pumpkin Spice Lattes till February when they usually run out. 

9. Ariat Fatbaby Saddle Boot: Russet Rebel. I wear these babies every day. They're a good boot to dress up and still be comfortable although my are getting pretty roughed up because I wear them everywhere including to the mountains or while doing some outside work. 

10. Revlon Lip Butters. My lips are usually so dry that when I put any type of lip stick on, it looks like a mess. I don't like lip gloss either so when my friend introduced me to these, they instantly became a favorite. My lips also have a lot of lines on them so even when they're not dry, lipstick still doesn't work for me. These are the most moisturizing lip sticks I have every com across. When they rub off through out the day, they leave a stain on your lips  which I love. My favorites are Red Velvet and Pink Truffle. 

11. A good pair of Jeans. I bought my first pair of "nice jeans" last year and instantly fell in love and never looked back. Be careful when you think of getting the expensive jeans because you'll find that they fit so incredibly that any other jean just fits like crap, to be honest.  If you're the kind of girl that looks good in any brand of jeans then more power to you, but I have to worst time going jean shopping. I am a pear shape so my lower half is a lot thicker than my waist and my legs are really short. (I'm 5'3'' on a good day) The day I went to Buckle and the jeans fit me so nicely was one of the best days ever! Yes I am so serious right now. I've bought BKE and Miss Me so far and they have held up great. Try investing in your jeans. It's so worth it. 

12. My Costco Uggs. I realize they're not called Uggs if they're from Costco but Uggs have just taken over this style of boots name. They're only $40 and they are so freakin comfortable. I also wear these boots almost everyday. I probably won't ever buy real Uggs because I am so satisfied with how the Costco one and made and they seriously are identical  to real ones. The only difference is that they don't have the Ugg tag on the back heal. LOVE THEM!