Plans and goals for 2014.

Wow! The year is just about over and I'm left with many memories that fill my heart with some sorrow but mostly joy.  I had a lot of life events happen this year and obviously the best was our wedding. 

After that, it seems that the rest of 6 months up to now has flown by! I can't say that I'm particularly sad because every day, it's as though our marriage/married life gets better and better. We definitely don't argue as much and I grow to love him more every day. 
This year hasn't been easy but it has been the best year of my life to date. 
As 2013 ends and we move on into 2014, I have some plans and goals that I would like to accomplish.
I realize these aren't huge goals but I tend to aim low so when I surpass my goal, I'm a lot happier ;)

1. Spend more time in my bible. 
I wan't to have a more in depth quiet time so that might mean that my normal routine might change. Usually I wake up at 4a.m., go to the gym, get home around 5:30, have quiet time till 5:45, then blog or search pinterest until I get ready for work at 6:45. 
Something has to give and I am not wanting it to be my quiet time. I hope to figure out my new blogging routine schedule soon. 
Oh and I am thinking of getting Jeff Bethke's book Jesus > Religion soon. Anybody read it yet? I really love watching his videos of him and his wife on youtube... You should check them out! 

2. Work out and run more. 
I am hoping to be able to run 3 miles straight again and I know it will require a lot of dedicated gym dates. Bring it on.

3. Practice with my DSLR. 
I plan on taking a workshop by another local photographer in January and hopefully buy Maggie Holmes' self paced online workshop as well. I can't wait to finally focus on and learn about something I have a passion for. 

4. Give more of my thoughts and opinions here on my blog. 
Originally, when I started to write on here, I thought it would be so easy for my to write about what I normally write about in my journal. Boy was I wrong. Instantly I felt the need to "sell my brand" as they say in the blogging world. I don't even have one yet! I didn't make a blog to sell anything in particular, but because God gave me a nudge one day to inspire others. I'm going to definitely stop worrying about what negative things can happen to my blog and just starting writing. So that's my goal, inspire others and spur people on towards Christ. 

So far, that's all I got! I think 4 is a good number though and I can accomplish the goals I am setting. 
So, here's to 2014! Its going to be a great year!

With love,
Kenzie Ann