San Francisco.

We went to San Francisco for my brother's 18th birthday! 
Here are some pictures from our day trip. 

We took bart from Pleasanton to San Fran. First time for most of us and it is so much easier than driving! 

Took bart to Powell street which drops you off at the stinkin huge Westfield mall! We've shopped here before and its awesome! It has just about all the stores that Union Square has but in one place. 

From Powell, we walked the half mile to Union Square.
I love Union Square at Christmas time!

My momma and I.

So....I had a 10 dollar gift card to use in store at Pottery Barn. Naturally, I had to use it since it was only good for a few more weeks. So, while the others were shopping in Union Square, Kyle and I thought it would be a good idea to walk to 1 of the 2 Pottery Barns in the city. Well first of all it was a 2 mile walk that felt like 5 and we walked through some sketchy parts of town...let's just say we will never walk that way again.
We finally arrived and I ended up getting a candle that I had been wanting.. Yepp just a candle.. 2 miles for 1 stinkin candle..Its ok, it was quite the adventure with lots of good stories. 

We took the subway back (its not called bart, it's called something that starts with an "M" but I can't remember) and thank God we did because I was not about to walk another hour back to Union Square. 

We met the group back at Union Square for some ice skating! Kyle and I didn't skate because it was super crowded and we have skated numerous times so we watched and took pictures. 

Look how cute he is!! haha Sorry I'm that older sister... 

Happy Birthday Kolty!!

With love,
Kenzie Ann