Coffee Bar!

Since I have finally admitted to myself that I am a slight coffee addict...I decided there's no better time then now to show you my make shift coffee bar! 

Now, it's not super special or anything but its a cute touch to our kitchen.. eventually I'll get a little coffee bar sign and paint my dresser back to black (we painted it white for our wedding). 

The white board I made myself and I bought the black tray from Hobby Lobby for around $10. The block "A" is from TJMAXX which was also a wedding decoration..
The mug is of coarse from Anthropology. You can't have a mug collection without the infamous Anthro mug. ;)
The apothecary jar, sugar cup and creamer cup is from Target. 

Believe it or not, it was my husbands idea to put the dresser in the kitchen here. He is a genius! He reasoning was to save room in our bedroom and then I realized that I had just pinned a coffee bar pin that same day! BOOM! It was done. I had a genius husband and a cute shabby chic coffee bar!

The best part about having my coffee bar made out of a dresser is the extra storage!
We have a pretty big kitchen for the size of our little house, with a ton of storage space, but when we realized how much stuff we got for our wedding, we were hunting down every possible free space to put things. 

All of my mugs will fit here for now.. I tend to buy one every big city we go to so once we start traveling more it'll have to move.

I also store my candles in the second drawer... I have a slight addiction.. that's not even all of them.. :)

Hope this gave you a little inspiration!! 

Oh and I'm having issues with my comment section on here. I have no idea if anybody has ever left me comments so if you have or know how to fix my comment problem, would you mind emailing me?
I think it might be my template so I'm in the market for a new one... possibly by Aubrey Kinch?? Oh I hope I can convince my hubby! Pray for me! ;)

With love, 
Kenzie Ann