Finally getting into a routine.

Kyle and I have finally gotten a gym routine going and I'm so happy because I have been feeling so much better since I have been working out everyday! I'm not going to lie, last week was a rough week. I did not want to even think of going to the gym after feeling like I wanted to fall on the floor and take a nap when I got home from work, but when I went to the gym and got moving, it was like I magically had energy again!
Best and cheapest therapy session is working out!
Get outside and go jog, take time out to do some at home workouts, or join a gym! You'll feel so much more energized throughout your week if you do trust me!

My gym routine consists of: 

Getting off work around 4pm and coming straight home and changing. 
This girl gets in her Under Armor capris and a cut off shirt and we head out the door. I really don't feel the need to look cute while I'm working're going to get sweaty anyways right?

When we get to the gym we warm up for about 5-10 mins on some cardio equipment

Then we have our week broken up like this:
Mondays: Back and Biceps

Tuesdays: Legs and Glutes

Wednesdays: Cardio

Thursdays : Chest and Triceps

Fridays: Shoulders and Abs

After each workout I follow it up with at least 20 mins more of cardio while watching youtube or listening to a Focus on the Family podcast.
Seriously if you have never listened to it you should start. Talk about the best therapy session at the gym for cheap! The link to the daily podcast is here.

So get up and get moving! Even if its for 20 mins a day just do something! You'll feel happier and healthier. 

With love,
Kenzie Ann