Thinking about:  

Summer and warm weather. It has been 75 degrees for the past couple of days and I am having some serious spring fever. I'm the girl that can live at a pool or the beach. Don't get me wrong...I enjoy the mountains and all that jazz (in the winter's a weird thing but I hate going to the mountains in the summer) but I need some water and sunshine. 
Every summer for the past 6 years I have spent my summer days at a pool lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons.  Seriously best job ever! I'm going to miss this! 

This year will be the first time that I am not at a pool or in the water everyday and it makes me so sad thinking about it! How am I going to get tan!? What am I going to do...go lay in the orchard or the dirt! Oh gosh... I'll figure it out. 

Bring on the neon shorts, tan skin, strapless tops and rainbows! This girl is ready for her anniversary, birthday, fair and most of all SUN!!


Just picked up Love and Respect again. I'm not much of a reader but when it comes to books about marriage or Jesus, I'm all over it.  Learning how to respect is tough, I never knew how hard it was until I had to think about if I was truly respecting my husband. 

Listening to: 

Focus on the Family every day while I jog. It's so much better than music for me! It's the perfect thing for me to focus on while I'm having some me time or while I work out. 


Gossip Girl...I'm a little late to the party... and Last Man Standing on Netflix. 

Gossip Girl is definitely my guilty pleasure. Who doesn't want to sit, eat a panini, drink an iced coffee and get caught up on the latest drama. (Yes I have a normal routine when I watch GG. Panini's are usually but not always included.) Plus I get some serious hair, makeup and fashion inspiration from Serena! Blake Lively is beautiful! 

My hubby and I have been watching Last Man Standing together almost every night. It is so our kind of show! You have the man's man, who is forced to live in a house of 4 women! Every person viewing can find something or someone to relate to! It just so happens that I completely relate to Tim Allen's character as well as 2 of his daughters... which are total opposites! What can I say, I'm just a differently kinda girl I guess... and yes, my husband thinks its a little weird too. *wink* Perfect amount of girl "drama" , which is hilarious, and somewhat controversial topics that are always addressed and talked about from the perspective that I agree with. Love. That. Show. 

Thankful for: 

Everything that the Lord has blessed me with. I have an amazing husband, a close knit family, a cute little house, new car, and work with the most amazing kids. Speaking of the kids that I work with, they have Autism. I never in a million years thought I would ever be working with children with Autism but God did. He has shown me how to love those children in such a deep way.  God loves everyone of those kids that I am around just like he loves me. I love thinking that he made each of them in his image and knows every hair on their head. None of us really know what causes Autism but God does and He still has a purpose for them.