Day Trip to Monterey and Carmel.

Hello everyone! Hopefully you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! 
My hubby and I had a good, relaxing Friday night together but I woke up Saturday morning and really wanted to take a drive somewhere. I started thinking...where can we go that doesn't cost anything except gas money?...instantly I thought Monterey and Carmel. We honeymooned there 8 months ago and haven't been back since, so we got ready and headed out the door with snacks for the road and of coarse my camera. 
It only takes us about 2 hours to get to Monterey normally but this time I think it took us close to 3 due to the 3 day weekend. *P.s. I drove the whole way! This was officially the furthest I have driven. Yay me!! Wandering why? Well, who needs to drive when you have a husband who always volunteers!? BUT now we got a new car and I'm in love with driving it.*
We got there and found $1.50 an hour parking in between Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf. I highly recommend parking there because It's right along the water and has a walking trail that goes from the aquarium to the wharf...and possibly beyond but we didn't walk that far this time. 
Honestly there was not point to this trip, but to spend time together and take some pictures so that's what we did! We got a lot of quality time in which is definitely my love language. 
My smoking hot hubby got to be my model ;)

We love Bubba Gump.

I have never stayed here before but I really want to. Its so classy and right on Cannery Row. 

 Cute little back patio

Just capturing some detail.

Kyle and I ate breakfast here on our honeymoon. 

 *Flashback from our honeymoon while eating at the cafe* 

We also walked back over to where we went sailing on our honeymoon!
It was called Bella on the Bay and it was an incredible experience. I highly recommend looking into it if you are visiting Monterey. 

*Ready for another flashback??*
Sailing on our honeymoon. 

Oh gosh I miss summer so much. Tan skin, shorts, neon colors and lighter hair. I live for SUMMER!!

There is so much to do while you are there if you plan an overnight trip. Paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, sailing, the aquarium, the warf, massages, 17 mile drive, shopping... 
You can definitely get up close and personal with the marine life..

After Monterey we took the short drive over to Carmel-by-the-Sea. 
Seriously it is the cutest little town filled with story book like cottages that line Ocean Avenue.
They also have an outdoor mall with stores like Anthropology and Kate Spade. Definitely a wealthy town that has lots of great shopping and restaurants. 
A great restaurant to go to is called Demetra. Its a teeny tiny, hole in the wall that offers Mediterranean food that is to die for!

*Another flashback from our honeymoon.*

Do yourself a favor and book a reservation ahead of time because they fill up very quick. For how tiny this place is, it sure is well know and busy. 

Once you shop all day and walk all the down Ocean Ave, stop at the beach! Carmel's beach is one of my most favorite beaches! Kyle and I thought about eloping here.

*check out Kyle's boots on the beach!*
haha they actually were great for not getting sand in your shoes or stuck on your feet!

You can see some of Pebble Beach Golf Course and the mansions along the beach are incredible!

We had such a great day and didn't spend a penny except for gas and some McDonald's on the way there! Hey we were trying to save money so yes we went to Mickey D's for lunch ;)
Totally worth it to be able to have some quality time with my hubby. Love having days like these where we can take off for the day and spend some time with each other exploring. 

What's some of your favorite things to do while in Monterey and Carmel?

With Love,
Kenzie Ann