Country Meets Aztec

In honor of "Target Tuesday" I decided to show you my favorite Target aztec draped cardigan. 
The material is like a knitted gauze and its very stretchy. The sizing of for me was wayyyy off. I ended up getting an XS and I'm normal a Large in everything. I think I felt more comfortable in the XS because there was less material for the draped part in the front which can easily make me look larger if I'm not careful. 

I'm totally in love with this sweater though and have become obsessed with Aztec print. 
I'm not much of an accessory girl so I tend to go for pieces that are more statement-y so that I don't have to layer a ton of jewelry and other accessories....Not that I don't like all of that, but my brain just doesn't think about accessorizing very well. I enjoy more statement pieces that way I can either go simple on the outfit or jewelry. 

Cardigan // Target 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann