Practice Makes Perfect!

I can't even tell you how much fun I am having practicing with my camera on real people! It's so much different than just taking some landscape photos or photos for Etsy. I am still not 100% on what I will call myself when I actually get my photography business up and running but for now I will call it Kenzie Ann Photography. I love the name. It goes so well with this blog and my Etsy and is just so me...literally *wink* Mind you, I do not have any editing software these are all edited with iPhoto. I am still saving for Lightroom and Photoshop :)

Here are some shots that I got with Melanee, Kim and my brother Kolton. 

These girls are so cute!! I couldn't get enough of their smiles! You can tell how much fun we had during this shoot just from their shots. 

Here are some of my brother!
*remember that I'm by no means a professional..yet.. I have a lot to learn about proper shots but I'm having so much fun and see no signs of stopping yet!

Definitely had to do a couple shots with Mel and Kolton. 
I think they look adorable!

Again, I not a professional but am loving practicing to become one! These guys were the perfect people to start my first shoot with. I had a blast capturing these pictures of them! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann