Thinking about // S U M M E R. Tan skin, lighter hair, bright toe nails, sunscreen, shorts, rainbow flip flops, bbq's, late nights, sweet tea, swimming, lakes, watermelon, camping, the is just so much happier in summer for me. My house only has an AC wall unit in the living room so I'm sure that I will be wanting cool weather once I'm actually in summer but for now, give me summer!!

Reading // Still reading Love and Respect off and on...I'm horrible at actually sitting down and reading a book. I will say though that I read my bible everyday, so yay!
If I'm really being honest,  I prefer to read blogs....That's technically reading! I love my Bloglovin app because I have all my favorite blogs in one place. I can just read blog after blog after blog..... ;)

Listening to // Florida Georgia Line radio on Pandora! It has been like 75 degrees here all week and really sunny so I have been putting them on like crazy. When the weather gets really nice, I prefer some feel good, fun country. I'm pretty sure they will end up being my summer anthem this year! Can't wait!

Watching // Raising Hope. LOVE this show! We finished Last Man Standing and needed a new show to start watching. Kyle suggested Raising Hope and I reluctantly agreed for the first episode. I thought the show was really weird at first but then I totally fell in love with the hilarious story line. Definitely a fun little comedy that you can just sit back and laugh at. 

Thankful for // My job. Kyle found out that he is basically losing all of his hours at work and will now have to rely solely on private clients for income. Obviously I have been struggling with this and had to make the decision that I will work full time instead of trying to focus on photography right now. It's hard because I can't see all of God's plan when I'm in the midst of chaos but I have to keep telling myself He is in control. Prayers would be so appreciated! 

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