February Favorites

1. Pop Beauty nail polish in "Mint Magic"// Seriously I cannot stop looking at my nails when I have this stuff on! It's like the perfect summer mint color because it's super bright but the formula is not a true neon. For me this is good. I HATE true neon polishes because of the matte finish. I love the look of an opaque, creamy, bright nail. This polish is a little pricey at $10, but it's totally worth it because I have not found anything quite like it.

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze"// I have owned this cream shadow for months. I use it under shadows as well as on its own. When they say color tattoo they mean it. It lasts all day for me and that is with shadows and without. Such a great formula and color payoff with these color tattoos. I'm thinking I will have to get another one soon.

3. Nivea "A Kiss of Mint" chapstick// This stuff really saved my lips this month! I ran out of my chapstick that I was previously using and started using my EOS lip balm before bed every night. Well big bummer, that stuff chaps the heck out of my lips! I was so sad when I finally realized that it was my EOS that was chapping them and not the weather. I went out and bought the Nivea because I have heard good reviews on it and it definitely lived up to its hype with me! I bought it at the beginning of the month and I have about less than a half inch left on that sucker. I need more!

4. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation// When I first started to buy liquid foundation, I went straight for this stuff. Well years went by and I wanted to try others and found the Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation and really liked it. It gave my skin a very flawless look but I noticed it was rubbing off quite quickly, especially around my chin and nose. I went to the store to pick up some more foundation because I was out and they didn't have my shade in the Loreal.  Well fine, I guess i'll try Revlon again...I brought it home and fell in love all over again! It doesn't help my pores as much as the Loreal does but it stays all day long! I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to another drugstore foundation again!

5. Benefit "Coralista" Boxed Blush// Honestly I got this from my cousin years ago...maybe that's not sanitary but whatever it doesn't break me out...and I never used it much till this year. I was never a blush wearer but since I discovered how beneficial it is for my face shape, I am a blush believer! I have a round face and my cheek bones aren't as noticeable as I would like so with this soft coral blush, they definitely get noticed. I love that with this blush you don't need a highlighter. It have golden shimmer in it so it highlights beautifully on it's own.

6. Victoria's Secret "Angel" Perfume// I got this for Christmas from my momma and I have become obsessed with this scent. It's so hard for me to find scents that I enjoy for a long time and my mom definitely found the perfect one for me. We have very similar taste's in perfume scents...does that even make sense?... so that helped but it smells really good and I am not even going to try and describe it myself so here is the description from the site. A fruity floral fragrance with notes of sparkling plum, sheer violet and amber. LOVE!

7. Tazo "Passion" Tea// I have been making Passion Tea Lemonade at home like crazy this month. It all started when the weather decided to be exceptionally nice at like 75 degrees for maybe a week or two. Naturally I got into the spring spirit early and started wanting all my fun, thirst quenching drinks again. I bought some Simply Lemonade and made my own little concoction. Delicious! Now if only this rainy weather...I am aware that we are in a drought and need the water, I just want this to pass soon...would go away so I can enjoy the sunshine and my happy drinks!

8. Natural Reflections Canvas Shoes// These are basically Tom look-a-likes. I bought them originally for my trip to South Africa. My feet were pretty swollen the whole trip so I couldn't wear them much and never really wore them again until my day trip with Kyle to Monterey. The ones I have are leopard ones like the Tom's above...apparently bass pro doesn't have them anymore. I didn't want to wear my boots on that trip and I didn't want to wear flip flops either so I pulled these babies out. I have been wearing them all month to work ever since! Oh and yes basically my only option for shoes these days are boots or flip flops...I need to re-evaluation my shoe situation but that's just what I like! I think I will get more of these Tom look-a-likes for work this summer though since closed toe shoes are my only option...

Well happy beginning of March!
Stay tuned for more of these monthly favorites! I'm excited to start making these fun collages for you and showing you what I have been loving each month!

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With Love,
Kenzie Ann