Finding Balance

First week of working full time down.
I'm not going to sugar coat it and pretend it was a good week...It was H A R D. I had a slight mental break down (I blame hormones) but I survived. The job I do is a very hard one to work full time at. Most don't realize it but I sure do now.  Kyle has been very good to me though despite my selfish ways of not working full days and coming home to sit on the couch the rest of the night. 
All this full time working has really made me that much more determined to start my photography business up. Maybe it's a God thing that I am working this much. Maybe it's the only thing that will actually get me moving in the right direction. The problem is time and me letting go of insecurities. 
I've had people tell me how much they have liked my recent pictures but I am definitely my worst critic. I love the pictures I have taken too, but I am so nervous to call myself a photographer and start booking shoots with so little experience. I have to keep telling myself though that the more I start booking, the more I will learn and gain experience. 
Right now I am learning how to come home at 4:30 after work and have enough energy to practice taking pictures, work out, cook, clean, blog, put things on Etsy and spend quality time with my hubby. First world problems for sure! ;) 

I will say that I came home to such a pleasant surprise. {Oh by the way, I usually H A T E surprises. Yes that's right, I really do hate them. They make my physically sick and nervous and yuck I just don't enjoy them. Spoiled? Brat?  No. Just really have a fear of the unknown.} 
Anyways...I came home to the only kind of surprise that I can handle. A sweet little one. My hubby had already made dinner and picked me some fresh flowers from outside our house.

 Not only that but they also irrigated the orchard out back! I am so weird but I loveeee to see ag irrigated. It brings me back to those memories when I was a kid and my mom let me play out in the irrigation in our front yard to cool off and my cousin and I would play out in the mud. Awhhh good times. I hope we get to raise our kids out in the country... life is just so much happier out here. {In my humble opinion that is...} 

I trying to look for the little things in life that can make me happy. The Lord provides!

With Love,
Kenzie Ann