Touches of Turquoise

Ok so I go through phases...I like something for a month or so and then I'm pretty much over it and stuck with the remainder of my past obsession. 
Heres a list of past obsessions:

-Everything white. White dishes, white bedding, white towels....
-Painted, up-cycled furniture
-Up-cyled home decor
-Anything Pottery Barn
-Cabin Decor
-Red accents

Now it's turquoise. I love anything turquoise! I am hoping that this will stick because I've liked it for quite a while but right now I am just LOVING it! 

I made this cute little stand for all of my little sink necessities a couple days ago and love how it turned out! 

I picked up this adorable chalk board label, small cookie jar from Target last week! They have a lime green one that's a little bigger that I want to get too....I love that they remind me of Anthropologie. 
(That's another fad obsession that I sometimes have....Anthro-esk style. Colorful and modern yet rustic.)

I originally made this sign to put on my Etsy site. I haven't sold it yet and it was just staring at me with its adorable turquoise-ness. I figure if anybody wants it, i'll just have to make another ;) It looks way too cute on my coffee bar!

I'm pretty sure this color is called Dutch Blue. We live in an old house built by Kyle's great grandparents. They were from Holland and for some reason all of the Dutch landed we live in what I would consider a Dutch community...I love it! 
The inside of our cabinets are painted with this color and I think its so cute! Oh and check out how many plates we have. I think we have close to 12 and they are all white! Remember that white obsession? Well I still slightly have it and I am in love with my white dishes cabinet. 

This doesn't exactly match with the whole turquoise thing but I still love white and antique decor. I pulled out this adorable pitcher today and filled it up with cucumber water for Kyle and I. 
For some reason on the weekends, we wake up with headaches and tend to not drink enough water throughout the day so I figured this would help.

Last but not least... I added a new wreath to the With Love Kenzie Ann Etsy shop! I am totally obsessed with it! I decided to keep this one for myself but custom orders are being excepted! 
The turquoise chevron just makes me super excited for Spring and Summer! I mean come on...Burlap and Chevron! My favorite!!

What is making you excited for Spring?!

With Love,
Kenzie Ann