Five On Friday!

Ok so I feel like I haven't written in so long! Remember my last post about being busy and working all the time... well yeah that will explain the absence. Plus I have been working on my Etsy  as well as trying to email companies so that I can start making more fashion posts and review for you all! Fingers crossed that they email me back! I would love to gear this blog over to fashion posts with of coarse a few lifestyle ones. 
Anyways enough of that! Lets get on to my 5 on Friday!

1. I went to SLO (San Luis Obispo) for my soon to be sis-in-laws bridal shower this past weekend! It was so nice to take a little trip and have a girls weekend! She is from the area and moved here to the central valley for college so we went back to her hometown for her shower and bachelorette party/day! How stinkin cute was her cake! It matched her invitations! 

I got to meet up with 2 of my favorite people!! I missed them!!

For her bachelorette day we went to downtown SLO and then out to Paso Robles to the spa! 
Oh man it was so nice! Check out the view!

2. My new Pottery Barn coffee mug that I scored for $3!! Yes that's right! I'm somewhat of a coffee cup collector so when I saw the same cup that I had been eying during christmas on sale, there was no hesitation to snatch it! Here's why I like it: it's white and has an "A" on it...need I say more? 

3. This outfit! I have never worn leggings as pants before, so when we were coming home from our trip, I decided to try it out since we would just be in the car. Overall I love it!! I need more long draped cardigans so I can have more days like this!! (We stopped at Firestone Brewery for her fiancé/my brother-in-law...hence the bear and the lion...)

4. That summer is coming soon!! We have had some really nice weather lately and it makes me swoon over the fact that I will soon be tan and not have to deal with this pasty skin that I'm rocking right now. I'm almost to the breakdown point of using self tanner if I don't get into the sun soon. P.S. summer means our 1 year anniversary, my 22nd birthday, Aaron and Chelsea's wedding, Chelsea's birthday, camping and FAIR!! Hallelujah!!!

5. The fact that we had Costco for dinner last night. Yes we love Costco. When I got home from work my hubby decided that we NEED food in our house, so we went grocery shopping. It's something that we always do together. I love it and I think he does too. Costco Date Night Anyone? haha yes it's a great place. 

Hope your week went as well as mine did!! 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann