I Wore Heels.

Sundays are always such a weird day for me. I am usually happy because its the weekend, but really sad because monday is quickly approaching and that means work. BLAHHH! I never get quite enough done on my weekend days off, leading to an overwhelmed feeling Sunday night. 

Well, since I can't do anything about it now, I will share with you what I wore this morning to church...I wore H E E L S! Yes that's right it's a big deal. I haven't worn heels in probably over a year. I am usually so against them because they are just so darn uncomfortable, but today I wanted to spice up my attire. I will say that they did remind me of why I normally don't wear them, but I actually kinda liked them! I'm thinking I will have to start the hunt for some comfortable heels for this spring and summer season. 

j a c k e t: American Eagle

d r e s s: Target//Similar

w e d g e s: Target//Similar 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann