Office/Craft Room Inspiration

So today Kyle and I are going house and apartment hunting and we have officially decided that we need at least a two bedroom...the reason?...I get a craft room/office!! I am beyond excited! 
I know that I probably shouldn't get my hopes too far up because I'm sure I won't be able to paint or do too much to the space.... but I'm just so happy to get a space specifically for making new designs for my Etsy and have an actual place for our computer. 
Here's what we've been workin with:

My beautiful iMac has to sit at the kitchen table...

My living room is always thrashed! 
Just keeping it real for you guys...  ;)

I've been doing some pinning lately and here's some inspiration that I found for the new space: 

So I really love pink and  gold but we will see what it will actually look like...fingers crossed that wherever we end up lets us paint or just has white walls! 

I need a new way of storing my fabric as well and came across these ideas that I love! 
Just adds so much color to the room! Since it does add more color to store it that way, I might not do the gold and pink.

 Going to look at a place today! Praying first, that God's will will be done but I really would love to find something relatively soon! I'm slightly impatient ;)

With Love,
Kenzie Ann