Product Review Update Garcinia Cambogia

Update: I have already stopped taking this supplement. 
What a bummer right? I didn't see any changes in myself except for the fact that I felt like I was so incredibly bloated while taking it. That's not exactly how you want to feel when your taking something that should help you loose weight. 

Your supposed to take it a half hour to 2 hours before each meal. This was hard for me to remember with my busy schedule so towards that end of last week I was so sporadicly taking it that I figured I would just stop. Not to mention I felt more fat while taking it...I was bloated and gassy and I rarely felt like it was making my appetite smaller. 

Maybe this product works for some people, but for me it was a bust. It's hard to keep up with taking the pill before each meal when you have a busy day, and the fact that it make me bloated was not ok with me. I didn't really have any bad side effects from it besides gassiness and bloating so if your still interested in trying it out, go for it. Unfortunately it didn't work for me but hopefully it can for you!

I know this is a super short review but I figured that it's better than nothing right? 
I didn't have much to say other than it really didn't work for me. Hopefully those of you who are taking it or have taken it have noticed some positive changes with it! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann