When Life Hands You Lemons....

So, Yesterday night we found out that we will have to move out of our little country house in June. 

**S U R P R I S E!**

 I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't at first devastated but it is what it is. 
I am so thankful that we were able to live here this long. It's already almost been a year!


Kyle's grandpa and  aunt offered for us to live here right when we got married for super cheap rent. Kyle also was able to do work on the property to get the rent even cheaper. It was such a blessing for us while we were just starting out in our new married life adventure. 

Now, when we first moved in, I was MISERABLE. I mean, I had a mental breakdown every weekend when it was time to relax in this little house. I just couldn't! It did not feel like a real home. No AC,  heater, dishwasher, tub, it  has 1 tiny bedroom, poor Kyle has to use the "hall"(there's not really a hall) closet. We have a bathroom light that takes 20 seconds to turn on, so your just waiting and waiting to pee! haha it's no fun. Not to mention no driveway, just a dirt patch. So the inside of my car is filled with sandy dirt on the floor at all times and the outside of my car is always dirty. Old mauve pink paint in the living room and our bedroom and a dirty yellow in the kitchen and bathroom (Now you know why I have not really done decor posts because we weren't allowed to paint or update) No back yard just an orchard and dirt...the list goes on and on... 

 Sure I was a tad spoiled when we first got married. I had just moved from a house that we had built when I was 11, big back yard, AC, heater, dishwasher, new everything, big rooms...Then we moved here together and I was put in shock. We had to move our mattress in the living room the first week we were married, just to sleep because all we have a wall unit that would barely keep the front room cool enough to bare. 
After the initial shock living in an old 50's house wore off (around christmas...yepp it took 6 months) I actually started to enjoy living out here. We got to build fires every night, wave at every car that drove by and I was settling in finally. After we got a new water heater which allowed me to take hot showers and do dishes in the same night, I told Kyle I could stay here at least a couple more years. The price was right, and so was the location. I will definitely miss this little house.  

Here's another kicker!

Recently, Kyle's gym closed which landed us with him working 30 hours less a week. 
Then God stepped in and worked a miracle like he always does and made everything seem to start working out! Kyle got promoted in the company and is now starting to do some sales as well as training clients at the gyms second location in the town that we live in. God seems to know what he's doing ;) Sometimes I forget that I'm not actually God and he doesn't need my help to make things better. 

Now I am asking for another miracle. Finding a house that we can afford. I want the Lord's will to be done and am trying not to step in His way. Isn't it crazy how things can seem like such a huge deal when your all caught up in the mess gazing at the problem? Once you start glancing at the problem and gazing at the Lord, he starts to work things out and you end up seeing what he is actually doing in the midst of what you think is chaos. 


Kyle and I are now kinda excited to move! We will have something that will be ours and slightly more permanent. We aren't buying yet but we knew the day would come when his family would need the house back so renting another one from someone that wants longer term renters will be nice.

I'm excited to share this new season of life with you since I wasn't blogging when we first got married and moved in her. Stay tuned for more moving posts, situation updates, and pictures! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann