Office Furniture

It's almost time to fill the room with furniture!! I cannot wait (and my back can't either). Crafting on the floor is not such a great idea. 

I found these chairs on They are a little too expensive for me right now but I loveeeee them. I am looking for a tufted chair in the style. I was thinking of getting two. One for my computer desk and one for my crafting table. 

 Here is the crafting table I want!  It's called the Linnmon/Alex from Ikea and it's $112.98. 
I love that its just simple and white but it also has extra storage drawers which I desperately need! 

The Kallax shelving unit also from Ikea. I believe its $139.00. 
I can't wait to fill it with a ton of cute pink and gold items to make it look so cute and bring my theme together! 

These are called the Kassett boxes. The one's I plan on getting are 13x15x113/4". Extra storage for fabric, finished garlands, paint, etc. Oh and they are only $9.99 for a 2 pack! 

Here is another storage box I have been eying. It called the Kvarnvik. They are a little more pricey at $16.99 a piece but they sure are cute!! Plus I'm sure they would last longer than the Kassett....We will see! 

I couldn't find links to the sites where these photos came from...sorry!...but I love the frames above each desk. I believe that will be what I do above my desk too. I think the white frames are the Ribba frames from ikea which I plan on checking out. 

So I have lots to purchase for this new little office/crafting sanctuary of mine. I'm really excited to start decorating and taking pics along the way. I'm also thinking of relaunching this blog as well with a whole new look. I might look into a custom design with Aubrey Kinch. So If you don't hear from me, that will be the reason why! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann