22 goals

Well my 22nd birthday was yesterday so I thought I would make 22 goals for my new year of being 22!
I'm not going to lie, I have been pretty apprehencive about turning 22 (like I can help it). I had a breakdown the day before my birthday. I was just feeling like as I get older my birthday gets less and less important. Which lets face it, it is but still...I'm used to having July be my birthday month, full of festivities! So anyways, it happened. I turned 22 whether I wanted to or not and really, it's not so bad. 
I think it's just hitting me that working in the creative industry and having your own business really does take time and lots of effort. Having a successful business doesn't happen overnight. I think that's why I freaked out...I have so many dreams and goal that I want to accomplish and right now I am definitely not near where I want to be with them. 

So here it is...22 things/dreams/goals that I want to accomplish within this next year. 

1. Hit 1,000 sales on Etsy  {I have 103 to date}

2. Enroll in a photography class.. whether it's online or an actual workshop

3. Blog consistantly

4. Learn to save money for a house...not so easy for me ;) 

5. Have enough time to want to cook real dinners for my husband every night

6. Get my blog professionally designed as well as branded

7. Start a bible study either by myself or with other women

8. Read a whole book

9. Start doing photo shoots

10. Make enough money to not have to work outside of the creative industry 

11. Be done decorating the house...I can never find time to spend on it

12. Get an exercise routine down

13. Go to the snow

14. Start doing reviews for companies

15. Jog 3 miles at a time

16. Have a "look" for my Instagram photos

17. Find a new/more professional domain name for my blog and Etsy

18. Go down to LA with Kyle on vacation

19. Reach 500 followers on Instagram...on either account

20. Squat 155

21. Worry less

22. Enjoy every day that I am given