Pool and Beach Bag Essentials

My Pool and Beach Bag Essentials! 

A cute bag of coarse! Mines from H&M a couple years ago.

Cup... This one is from Starbucks...I am totally obsessed with it and guard it with my life.

Hat ... Mine is from a local boutique but a friend sent me this one on Pinterest that I NEED to buy!

Notebook...Have to write down all of my plans and brainstorm new items to list in my Etsy shop.

Sunscreen... Hawaiian Tropics is my favorite because it smells so darn good!

Sunglasses...Duhhhh. Mine are Polarized which I highly recommend, especial when your next to water.

Magazine...Southern Living!! I can re read these a million time dreaming of my future life someday. Take me out of California pleaseeeeee!

Beach towel...This one is a giant one from Costco! I prefer the two person towels, just get one and wrap yourself in it after getting out of the water. Its so cozy!

Headphones...A must for when you are just wanting to be alone.

That's pretty much all I need to keep me satisfied when I'm down at our pool or at the beach. 
I cannot believe that it's mid July already! Somebody please me summer last all year long! 

With love, 
Kenzie Ann