DIY No Sew Pillow Cover

My mom recently gave me a couple of pillows that she didn't use anymore so I decided to try and cover them to use on my couch!
I don't know how to sew, so I bought some Heat n Bond and fabric then got to work. 

You'll need: 

                                      an iron                                                              a no sew fabric adhesive 

                         Some fabric and a pillow... I used 5/8 of a yard to cover a 20x20 pillow.

1. Make sure your fabric is right side up or "pretty side" up. That is the side that your adhesive is going to go on. Measure out how long of adhesive you need to only cover the edge of half of your fabric length. { Make sure the bumpy side is facing down and is as straight as you can get it }

2: Iron on the adhesive. Follow the directions on the back of your adhesive package. Mine said only hold the iron on for 2 seconds.

3. Let the adhesive cool and bond completely to the fabric. Once that is done you can peel the paper part of the adhesive off.

4.  Fold over the rest of your fabric so that the other half can bond with the adhesive side to make a seam.
Now the "wrong side" should be facing up.

5. Iron the both edges together so that they bond and create the seam. My directions told me to hold the iron on there for around 5 seconds. 

6. Let it cool completely. Turn the pillow case inside-out. You should be left with one open end so that you can fit the pillow in. 

Here's a close up of the seam. 

7. Stuff the pillow inside being mindful of the seams. I went kinda slow to insure that the seams don't come apart. 

8. Fold the extra fabric in and place the adhesive strip on.  

{Be mindful of where to put the strip so that you don't leave too much of a gap between the seam and the pillow}

9. Follow through with directions just like before. Make sure to push down on the pillow so that the two pieces of fabric do not separate while you are ironing. This part was very tricky for me. 

After I was done ironing, I put something heavy on top so that the edges wouldn't come apart.

There you have it! A super easy and cheap way to cover a pillow without sewing! Altogether this project costed me around $10.00 and I still have a ton of left over Heat n Bond. 

I bought the other pillow cover on Etsy and I really want more! I think I found the exact fabric at Joann's so I think I will make a couple more of each pattern to brighten up my couch ;) 

Hope you enjoyed!

With Love,
Kenzie ann