Fall Decor!

I'm learning that I am not really a writer...as much as I want to be, I'm just not and that's not a bad thing. I enjoy taking pictures and posting them on here but I always feel like I have to write some elaborate explanation after each one which in turn makes me not excited about blogging at all. So, guess what...I'm going to make this blog MINE. I am done trying to imitate what every other blogger does, which thank God I am because hello?! That's not called creativity which is what this is all about! 
 I am probably going to make grammatical errors (pretty sure I did already...), I'm not going to be consistent on what I blog about, I won't probably make you feel like I have it all together and my life is a fairy tail, and most of all I will not elaborate and spend hours trying to paint you a picture with words when I can just show pictures instead!

 So get ready....Here is my little Fall Home Decor Tour in pictures and not a lot of words! ;) 
Pretty much everything is DIY! 

DIY Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins

White Pumpkin Burlap Fabric Banner Listed in the shop HERE!! 

I honestly had no idea what to do with this mantle and have already changed it twice. I will probably change it again because I kinda just threw those little things up there but I am super happy with the LOVE sign up there that Kyle made me when we were dating :) 

This little mercury glass vase totally reminded me of something Pottery Barn has and I got it for $10.00 from Hobby Lobby! I saw blogger feature it in her home with this wheat so I HAD to go get that baby and bring it home!  The "A" is also from there. It's a cardboard letter that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 

Ok so This isn't fall decor but I am in love with this little corner of my living room. I purchased this chair from the Goodwill and painted with with my Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Provence. Originally it was for a photography shoot prop but my living room was a little monochromatic so I decided to add touches of turquoise starting with this chair! 
I ordered the chevron pillow here from Etsy. It came in a set of two and I already want to order more!  They are so cute and brighten up my brown couch. 
I made the cover for the round pillow out of cream broadcloth. It was super easy and I'm actually quite proud of it :) 

More wheat decor in the dining area. 
Love the rustic look it brings to the room and I love how it looks in the cute white pitcher from Target. 

Banner was a spur of the moment idea...It will be listed in the shop soon! 

Fabric Pumpkin Framed Art DIY

Last but not least, a new wreath! It probably only costed me about $8.00 to make! Thank you coupons! 

So there it is! Fall decor for 2014...I will probably still add and re arrange things but that's that majority of what I made this past weekend while my hubby was working! Hope you get inspired to decorate your home this upcoming fall season...It doesn't have to cost much! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann