13 Week Bumpdate

.Week 13.

How far along: 13 weeks! HELLO SECOND TRIMESTER!!

Baby's size: A peach... about 3 inches long.

Gender: Still don't know yet...almost everybody is leaning towards girl though.

Sleep: Still getting plenty of it! I will say though, that I am more comfortable nowadays with a pillow or blanket supporting my back. 

Maternity clothes: Loving them still... I did wear my normal jeans the other day with the rubber band trick and they worked just fine.

Stretch marks: Yes...I am getting them on my sides/hip area..WOOO ;) 

Movement: None.

Food cravings: Soda and still sushi...Its so strange, but I am always wanting a soda lately! I very rarely drank soda before I was pregnant so I am like totally weirded out by this because I NEED it.  I think it's the sweetness and the bubbles, I think I'll try some flavored sparkling waters to see if that satisfies. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Sometimes water..I don't really have a desire to drink any water and have to literally force myself to drink it. 

Labor Signs: Nope. 

Symptoms: My nausea has gotten SO much better at the week. HALLELUJAH!! I am not 100% yet but I am working towards it! Still having some sciatic back pain and I have developed a rash on my forehead. Its not super noticeable but it's a little strange. I can still cover it with makeup so I am not worried about it. 

Workouts: Not yet...Hopefully soon though! 

Things you miss: Really just want to feel like myself again without having stomach issues but I am getting through it. 

Best moment this week: Getting nausea relief! 

Looking forward to: My doctors appointment this Friday. We are having the genetic scan done which makes me a little nervous but I am excited to see out little one again. Prayers would be so appreciated!! 

With Love,
Kenzie ann