14 Week Bumpdate

.Week 14.

How far along: 14 weeks! 

Baby's size: Size of a lemon! 3 inches, 1.5 oz. 

Gender: I don't know!! I am seriously dying...I had a weird feeling this morning that maybe it was a boy though. I know it's early but I kinda think maybe I am carrying low? Hopefully we will find out soon though! 

Sleep: Not sleeping so great these days. I almost always have to have a blanket supporting my back and a pillow between my legs for my lower back...I think a pregnancy pillow is in the near future. Recommendations??? 

Maternity clothes: I am living in these jean bermudas from Motherhood. I think I need to take a trip to Old Navy and check out what they have for summer. 

Stretch marks: Haven't found any new ones this week. 

Movement: No

Food cravings: No. Definitely not. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Well let me just say, EVERYTHING made me sick this week because I of coarse caught the worst flu I have ever had! I seriously didn't eat for 3 days and there was an ER trip involved. I was so dehydrated. It was awful. 

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: The flu and back pain. 

Workouts: No yet again...but I'm pretty sure this weeks excuse is a good one. 

Things you miss: Getting out. 

Best moment this week: We had our genetic scan this week!! Baby Alton looked great and was so active! It was pretty precious!

Looking forward to:  Still looking forward to not feeling sick...today is a pretty good day so I am crossing my fingers. Also, we have our next appt in 2 weeks! Oh and selling our car and getting me a Tahoe!!! I am so freakin excited...I mean hello, football mom status!! haha (If it's a boy that is..) 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann