16 Week Bumpdate!

.Week 16.

How far along: 16 weeks! 

Baby's size: Size of a Avocado! 4.5 inches inches, 3.5 oz. 

Gender: We are hoping to find out this week!! I have an appointment Tues. and if they won't tell us then we're just going to go find out at an elective place :) 

Sleep: I have been sleeping so light this week. I wake up all the time. 

Maternity clothes: My Bumpdate outfit wasn't but my regular shirts are getting tight. Maternity clothes are the best.

Stretch marks: Yep up top if you know what I mean...It's not fun! Sorry if that's tmi but hey you're reading a bump date so I guess it's all out on the table. 

Movement: I'm not sure... Sometimes I think I might but maybe it's just gas or like a muscle twitch.

Food cravings: Soda. I have been drinking the flavored carbonated waters though. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No not really...I just don't have a huge appetite. 

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Back and Boob pain, headaches

Workouts: I managed to get in some squats and pushups this week! ;)  

Things you miss: Well this may seem petty but I really miss being able to be in control of my body...Not being able to work out much has really been frustrating because I'm losing so much muscle tone and everything is getting softer lol. 

Best moment this week: This week was a little stressful because we moved so I'm not sure we had anything to report except that we are all done moving!

Looking forward to: I have an appointment Tuesday with my doctor and finding out the gender!

With Love,
Kenzie Ann