Gender Reveal! It's a...

Let me start by saying, I am so glad we ended up having a party! I knew that I would totally regret not having one. The original plan was to pick my mom up from the airport Friday afternoon, then go together to find out what the baby was but Tuesday was when it all changed. We went for my 16 week appointment and my doctor decided to do an ultra sound instead of the doppler. Of coarse we were super excited because that meant maybe she would tell us what our little babe was. She did warn us that the ultra sound machine she brought in was the oldest one they had so it won't look as clear as our other ultrasounds. She put the gel on, then started to check on the babe. It was looking good and was even doing tricks for us...and my tricks, I mean my child was doing a full on headstand! It was too funny. I asked if she could possibly see what the gender was and with much searching she admitted she might have seen but the ultrasound machine much too old and not clear enough for her to be sure. 
When she said what it might be though, Kyle and I were super shocked and I was thinking no way that it was possible. We walked out shocked and couldn't handle the though of not knowing any longer. I called Peek-a-Baby right away after that appointment and asked if they had time for a walk-in. Thankfully she said no problem and to come right in. I was so nervous! I didn't think they would be able to find the gender but she reassured me that if they couldn't, I could come back in for another try, free of charge. 
When we got there, we went back into the room where there was a large couch and big screen to see the baby on! It was such a nice experience and I am so glad we found out just the two of us. I told her I was nervous that she might not be able to find it, since the doctor wasn't sure. When she put the probe up to my belly, we got the answer we were looking for instantly. 

It's a boy! I burst into tears right away with so much shock and happiness. I wanted a boy so badly and I didn't think at all that I would be blessed with a squishy little boy that I had been dreaming of. He is definitely a boy, there was no denying throughout the entire ultrasound.. The tech thought it was hilarious that he wouldn't quit showing us his gender! I had to drink a Sunny D to make him move and show his face! It was like he was saying, "Hello mom and dad! Look I'm a boy so you don't have to question it any longer!" 

We were a little freaked out to do the 3D/4D so early, but I think it was actually kinda cool to see! 

Right when I got home, I started thinking about a gender reveal party. I texted everyone to see if they would be available last minute and it all worked out! Kyle and I went shopping Wednesday for party decor and food. I made the cake, cake pops, cake topper and garland Thursday night. We picked up my mom from the airport Friday afternoon and arrived back home 1 hour before the party. Talk about close call and last minute but it turned out great!

All of our decor was from Party City and the handmade items were made by me. You can find them in my shop!

We decided to let everyone know by cutting the cake and having the inside reveal what the baby was. I knew before finding out that if we did do a party, that I didn't want to find out with everyone else at the party. I'm totally weird and hate surprises, especially ones that huge. So that's why we decided to find out first and let everyone know this way. It was really fun and still exciting. 

This little boy is already so incredibly loved! We went on a clothing shopping spree for him on Saturday at Old Navy and had a blast! I can't wait to be immersed in all things boy for my little man! Kyle and I dreamed of having a little boy first so saying the Lord blessed us, is definitely an understatement. We are just thrilled and I love that I can call myself a boy mom! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann