How To Survive The First Trimester

* I am going to preface this by saying, please don't let this scare you away from getting pregnant because everybody's pregnancy is different! I just felt like I owe it to the girl who is sitting in misery while her sweet little babe inside is making her sick as a dog! ;) I am here for you girl and you WILL get through! 



When I first thought about writing about the first trimester of pregnancy, I had every intention of making a list and giving my best tips on how to help. Honestly I just can't. 

My sickness hit right when I turned 6 weeks. Actually I caught the flu first at 5.5 weeks, then at 6 weeks the "morning sickness" hit me. The fact that it's even called "morning sickness" is so irritating to me! It makes it sound like obviously it only comes in the morning and it's really no big deal. For some, it really is no big deal and is totally manageable. If that's you, count your blessings! Then for others, like me, it's misery. 
While I would lay in bed, I would watch videos and read blogs to try and find any magic cure for morning sickness but really there isn't! I would ask my husband every day why I was so sick and why nothing makes me feel better. "Why can she manage to get up and shower and run errands and I'm still sitting here in the same PJ's from 2 days ago?" Poor guy! I must have sounded so pathetic but honestly I really don't know why more women aren't more honest about this whole morning sickness experience! It's tough work and again every pregnancy and woman is different but really, it would just make things a little easier if we just told it like it was...because I was blindsided. Oh and to the woman who has HG, you are my hero...I can't even imagine.  

Here is some things I have to say to the first time momma who just needs somebody to sympathize with. 

1. JUST SURVIVE!!  That means if eating Taco Bell everyday is the only thing you can manage to get down, then eat it girl! (I ate a bean burrito for lunch everyday for a week.) I felt SO guilty and worried that I was going to gain a ton of weight or increase my risk of miss carriage due to the unhealthy food.  I remember reading things about girls craving big salads and fruit and feeling like such a failure because trying to eat anything other than fast food or junk food would make me feel even more sick. Honestly, I didn't gain any during my first trimester and so far my baby is healthy as can be. Once you start feeling better you will most likely start wanting those healthier choice foods again. 

2. Don't Push It.  If you are able to go to work or get out and at the end of the day need to take a nap because you're exhausted and your hormones are going off the wall, DO IT! Take a darn nap ladies! You are not lazy! Growing a baby is hard work! I will say though, you will have to mentally except that your house might look like a mess during this time. 

3. Keep A Good Mindset.  Easier said then done but really this is important. I will say that I got depressed during my 9 weeks that I was sick. Now I am not trying to be dramatic but really, it messes with your head being stuck inside for that long! Especially while those crazy hormones are kicking in! I really felt like I didn't know what I had gotten myself into and wondered if getting pregnant again was really the right decision. Lean on God. I had such a hard time trusting God through this. I often felt like I was being punished for getting pregnant again, that's why I must have been so sick. Honestly, don't let the devil take captive your thoughts, once you start feeling sorry for yourself or start blaming God for all of it, is when you really will feel depressed. This baby is a true blessing and miracle that God has given you! Look past all the temporary sickness and mess and look to God. 

4. You Will Get Through!  As much as you can't see the light at the end of this, you will get through it. There will be a day that you wake up, and don't feel sick. Mine came at 14 weeks right after a 4 day stomach flu. I really feel like that whole situation was a joke. Like seriously, let's catch the stomach flu at the tale end of when my morning sickness is going away. One day I will laugh about it I'm sure ;) 

5. To Woman With Acid Reflux: Oh and NO I do not mean heart burn. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable doesn't it? I was diagnosed with it years before getting pregnant and managed it with taking prescription Nexium to help it. For me, the Acid Reflux caused very severe stomach pains while after I ate. Not heart burn. My stomach would just completely freak out. I couldn't do any but curl up and cry.
Now when I first got sick at 6 weeks, I had a flare up with it after being fine and off meds for about 3 years. It didn't really click that it was my Acid Reflux so I dealt with it for about a week. When I told my OB what was going on and she prescribed me a bunch of different acid reducing medication but it just wasn't working. I knew I needed to take Nexium again but she said it wasn't safe for pregnancy. Well after 2 more weeks of battling it out, I finally called again and asked if she could research it further or talk to a GI to get further information about it because I just wasn't buying that it wasn't safe for pregnancy. I read forums on pregnancy websites about women just like me who were put on it and the baby was just fine. I am happy to say that she did further research and found that it is now considered safe and I am back on it. So if you have a severe case like me, ask your doctor about it!
*I am not a doctor so please don't go out and take it OTC just from reading this. This is just my experience and the medication that my body needs for the severe case of acid reflux that I have.*

Now even at 14 going on 15 weeks, I am still battling some sickness throughout the day but it is nothing like it was. It's much easier to manage now and I am able to get out and run errands. 
There were a couple of practical things that helped me manage symptoms in the beginning so I will still list them just in case they might work for you too.

Sucking on Jolly Ranchers or Mints
7 up or Sprite
Don't let your stomach get hungry.
Don't force yourself to eat something that doesn't sound good. 
Brush your teeth often to get rid of that yucky after taste. 

I really hope you feel better soon and just remember you will get through it!! 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann