Current Wardrobe Staple

My typical summer uniform is a pair of Old Navy chino shorts and a Target tank. Well this summer I had to switch things up since I'm pregnant and all ;) I have been on the hunt for the cheapest and best quality maternity tank tops out there for us Preggos and I have definitely found them! You probably wouldn't believe it but they're in Target's junior department! That's right, the "Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks". I got mine for less $7.00 a piece! 
The funny thing is,  I never wore these tank tops before I was pregnant. I always bought the thicker Mossimo tanks because I felt they were better quality and a little nicer looking when wearing on their own. I tried wearing my beloved (yes they're my beloved...I own probably 10) tanks until they just weren't working for me anymore. I went searching and found another post on social media about these tanks. I totally doubted that they would actually fit a growing bump but was out of tops and had to go out to try some on for myself. They always seemed so thin and cheap to me but when layered with another, they're so perfect! 
The thing that makes them work so well for maternity is the fact that they really are long and are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I bought mine in an XL and I am typically a L. They stretch so perfectly around my bump and leave plenty of extra fabric at the bottom. Oh and they have so many colors to choose from! 

This is the only picture that I have right now of me in one of the tanks but I'm sure I'll be wearing another one in my next bump date. Hope you found this helpful and if you try these let me know how they worked out for you!! 

With Love,
Kenzie Ann