Hunter || One Month Old

Wow! How quickly time can pass! I pretty much fell off the blogging train for about 3 months but I am back with baby Hunter's 1 month update! Now I realize that I haven't done a birth story but I really want to get this up first because this little man is growing so fast! He's already 6 weeks as a write this! I will be writing a little something explaining my postpartum journey because it's been quite a bit traumatic, but for now here is Hunter's 1 month update!!

Here is Hunter at about 1 week! He was so tiny!

And here he is at 2 weeks! 

1 month!  

 1 month. 

Weight: At his 2 week check up he was 8 lbs 4.6 oz so I know he was much more than that! 

Height: 2 week checkup:  About 21.5 inches. He is in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. 

Clothes Size: We officially put away the newborns away so he is in finally in his 0-3 month clothes! I didn't buy any newborn clothes because I thought he would be a big baby like Kyle and I so I was sooooo happy that I could put him in all the cute clothes I bought him while I was pregnant :)

Milestones: Holding head up and moving it side to side. He is also finding his little voice!

Food: Hunter is eating 3.5-4 oz. every 3 hours

Sleeping: He is sleeping for about an hour and a half to 2 hour stretches between feedings during the day. At night he is sleeping about 4 hours then eating and going back to sleep. 

Favorite Activities: Bathtime, being talked to, looking up at the sign above our bed, lights, being swaddled, laying on mommy's chest, diaper changes. 

Dislikes: When he gets burped! Haha it's seriously the funniest thing. We burp halfway through the bottle and when we take it away he get so grumpy and growls at us. He also doesn't really like gumdrop paci. I bought a ton when I was pregnant but of coarse he only will take the soothie ones! 

Baby Gear Loves: I am so happy that we got his little "rock and play". We have the ingenuity brand but it's basically the same thing. I will definitely say it is the best thing to have hands down. He sleeps in it at night and during the day when he's napping, I can bring it anywhere throughout the house. 

Things I don't want to forget: He watched his first Niner game, first Christmas and first New Year, NO diaper blowouts yet, and he got sick for the first time :(

We are seriously so blessed with this little boy! He is the sweetest and most content baby I have ever seen. I love watching him grow already :) Mommy loves you bubba! 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann