2 month. 

Weight: Around 12lbs. 

Height: 23 inches

Clothes Size: Still fitting into those 0-3 month clothes! The shirt has has on in the pictures is a 6 month one though! I'm guessing it depends on the brand ;) 

Milestones: Holding head up, eating his hands, cooing, giggling, bearing weight on his legs, holding onto a finger or toy! 

Food: Hunter is eating 4-4.5 oz. every 3 hours...We were up to 5-5.5 oz. but he started spitting up a ton so we changed bottles and moved him back down to 4-4.5 oz. 

Sleeping: He is sleeping for about an hour and a half between feedings during the day. At night he is sleeping about 6-7 hours then eating and going back to sleep. The past 2 nights though he has not been sleeping as well. I don't know if he needs to eat more before bed or if he's having a growth spurt...we will see! 

Favorite Activities: Being talked to, Posing for his Mommarazzi ;) he smiles as soon as I bring the camera out! , sitting propped up in a chair by himself, standing up, being changed. 

Dislikes: Air bubbles in his tummy of coarse, being too cold after or in the bath, the bottle being taken away to burp, he is also not too fond of tummy time. He doesn't cry much at all though :) 

Baby Gear Loves: I stared using his little Fisher Price vibrating seat. He loves to sit up in it and watch everything that's going on. I do not use the vibrating feature though. 

Things I don't want to forget: He got a rash on his little face :( He is talking and smiling so much more now, He might be doing a little bit of mimicking already but it may just be coincidence. The way that he looks at me is just priceless. It's crazy to me how much love he has for Kyle and I at just 2 months old. It's still a strange feeling to have such a deep connection with this little person that's mine but I love it!