My Newborn Favorites!

The whole motherhood thing has been quite the journey! I love being a momma but sometimes I think it would've been nice to see what others needed for their newborn. Not just what to register for, but the basics that they and their baby actually use and love! Here is what Hunter and I have been loving so far! 

1. Boon Grass-We love this drying rack so much. It definitely comes in handy with all of the bottle washing that I am doing these days. You can fit so much onto the grass and it's super nice to be able to use the outside edges to hang bottle parts off of. Make sure you get the twig accessory too. I use it to hand all of the nipples and pacis from. 

2. Munchkin Bottle Warmer-Very affordable and quick. It uses steam to heat the bottle evenly and has a dial that you turn for the timer. I love this warmer. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with this one!

3. Tommmee Tippee Feeding Bibs- Say goodbye to stinky formula neck! Well not completely...but this bib is still amazing. It has the extra thick neckline to absorb any formula drool or spit up. I am about to go buy like 10 more because we go through them so fast.  

4. Dr. Brown's Bottles- We originally bought the Tommee Tippee bottles but found that Hunter swallowed too much air and gulped his bottle down too fast. It caused him to spit up a half of his bottle. We switched to the Dr. Brown's Bottle and LOVE them so far. He very rarely spits up anymore which puts this momma's worrying mind at ease. The bottle is designed to allow for air flow through the bottle while they're drinking making them less gassy. It's a must have for baby's who have reflux, are gassy or have colic. He was just a "happy spitter" but I am so happy we mad the switch to these bottles. 

5. Graco Pack-and-Play with napper and changer- Hunter sleeps in the napper insert. It's really nice because it is inclined which also helps with babies who have reflux. You can flip over the napper and it turns into a changing station. I love having a nice little station to keep all of his diapers and supplies. 

6. Advent Soothie Pacifiers- These are literally the only pacifiers that he likes! He hardly takes his wubb-a-nubb which has the same soothie attached! I think it may just be the weight from the toy attached.

7. 4 Moms Momma Roo- When we first brought him home from the hospital, this is what he slept in. He loves the movement and I really like that you can adjust the incline of the seat. We didn't get the infant insert because we just used the JJ Cole one that didn't fit into his car seat. I would recommend getting the insert though. It has multiple rocks and is very space saving! We have a smaller house so it's nice to not have my living room taken over by a giant swing. 

8. Velcro Swaddlers- LIFESAVER!! We have swaddled him from day 1 and didn't get these until he was about 3 weeks. Originally I wasn't sure about them for some reason but now that we have them, I have no need for any other swaddle. We have Aiden and Anais and Carters swaddles that are going unused now because these velcro swaddles are just so amazing. He loves being swaddled to sleep and these make it so much nicer because he doesn't get out of it while he sleep like other swaddles. They are totally fool proof so do yourself a favor and get them NOW!! 

9. Ingenuity Rocking Sleeper- Any "rock and play" type sleeper with do just fine...we just got this one from my shower. He takes almost all of his naps in it during the day. It is at an incline and even has a little vibrator attached to it. I love that I can have him sleep in it and when he is waking up too soon before feeding, I just rock it with my foot while I'm working and he falls right back asleep.

Hope this helped any new mommas out there! What are your favorite newborn items? I would love to hear from other mommas who have other must haves to try! 

With Love, 
Kenzie Ann