Hunter || 3 Months

3 months.

Weight: Around 14lbs. 

Height: not sure yet

Clothes Size: Still fitting into those 0-3 month clothes but they're getting a little sung! I think we will go shopping for some 3-6 month clothes soon!

Milestones: Sleeping in his crib full time now! He has rolled from tummy to back, he's standing with help, he can put his wubb-a-num back into his mouth! 

Food: Hunter is still eating 4-4.5 oz. every 3 hours.

Sleeping: He is sleeping 9-10 hours at night now! HALLELUJAH! We still do an hour and a half nap between each feeding. We follow Babywise and it has been wonderful. 

Favorite Activities: He loves his Kick and Play gym. He has become a tad bit more of a momma's boy so I have noticed he likes to be held a little more and be worn in his boba wrap. 

Dislikes: The rock and play! haha He doesn't really like napping in it now. He really only gets upset when you take the bottle away to burp halfway through and when he gets tired! 

Things I don't want to forget: We spent our first Valentine's day as a family together this month, Hunter started teething a little bit and he had a major growth spurt and mental leap.

I almost gave up on our schedule because I was trying to be a perfectionist...NOTE TO SELF: You're doing just fine, Hunter is a great baby and 1 day off his routine will not hurt him ;) 

I couldn't believe how many more skills he picked up just in the last week! He is just too perfect and I can't believe the Lord blessed us with him. 

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