Easy Chicken Pesto Panini

I don't know why I didn't share this super easy recipe sooner!
I think that I have been making this almost every day for lunch for the past month because it's so stinkin' good and I'm obsessed with pesto. 
It all started one day when I got off work and came home to make a panini. After I made it, I sat down to watch some Gossip Girl on Netflix.
Now it's a ritual that I have somewhat had to break because Kyle now eats them with me and doesn't exactly like Gossip Girl... but now whenever I eat a panini I just feel the need to watch some GG! 
That was the back story... ;)

Here's how you make it..
(seriously it's so simple I'm a little embarrassed to call it a recipe)

What you will need:
Sourdough bread 
a couple slices of mozzarella cheese
some onion 
Not pictured is leftover chicken breast or you can use turkey lunchmeat which is what I use when we don't have leftovers

Start heating up your panini maker. Mine is from Macy's, it was on sale for 19.99!

Put some butter on your two slices of bread.

Flip over and spread some pesto on.

Seriously this stuff is amazing.. I use it to sauté chicken, shrimp, fish, in pasta, etc.

Add slices of cheese and onion.

Add your leftover chicken or lunch meat.
Ours is just plain and baked and it tastes just fine. 

Add the rest of your cheese and onion.

Put the slice of bread on top, butter side up.

Put it on your panini maker. No need for non stick spray. 

I cook mine on almost the highest setting

Push it down to flatten and melt the cheese.

Should look something like this.

A there you have it! It's so quick and easy to do, especially when your in a pickle as to what to make for dinner and you didn't thaw meat...I tend to do that ;)


With love,
Kenzie Ann

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