Less Is More

It's been getting quite warm here this past week which makes me want to throw out all my heavy makeup looks and start fresh with simple ones. I love not wearing much makeup. Honestly, if I didn't enjoy putting it on so much then I would probably wear even less. My favorite days are ones that are sunny and warm and you can just through on a tiny bit of foundation and mascara and call it good. That's usually my go to summer face. Less is more. Plus, who wants to spend time in front of the mirror when you could be outside enjoying the sunshine!?
With the warm up this week I have adopted my new makeup routine and have been loving its simplicity. 

Can you tell these products are well loved? ;) 

Olay CC Cream in "Light"// I picked this up at target probably last year from target when it was sale for maybe $8...it was way too cheap to pass up so I bought it, even though its pretty light for my skin tone. I never wear it by itself. I mainly use it for a tiny bit of color correcting, moisturizer, and SPF. I A L W A Y S wear a moisturizer with SPF. 

Revlon Colorstay for normal to dry skin "180 sand beige"// I mentioned this in my February favorites post. I just love this foundation. I have only been putting on a tiny amount with my fingers. Usually I apply with a foundation brush but lately if I rub it around in my fingers and apply like I would my moisturizer, I apply less and still get great coverage. I hate feeling like I have foundation caked on when it's hot out. 

NYC Bronzer in "Sunny"// I think you can find this stuff for under $3 at target...Its the perfect bronzer shade for me. Not too muddy colored but not too orange either. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze" // Also mentioned in my Feb. Favs. I also just apply with my fingers on my eyelids. Nothing more! 

Loreal Volumious Carbon Black Mascara // This mascara has a natural bristle wand. I just curl my lashes and apply 1 light coat. I love that I can put a little on to make my eyelashes look darker yet natural. It's basically the only mascara I will buy. 

I hate identifying myself with what I look like with a full face of makeup. If I am constantly having to put on makeup to make myself feel pretty, then I know I'm doing it for the wrong reason. I think that's true for everyone. There's nothing wrong with makeup but when you only identify with who you have made yourself to look and at not who God made you to be, you have a problem. I like going natural and light on my makeup. Makes me feel free and I realize that how I look isn't the only thing people see about me. Let that personality shine too girls!

With Love,
Kenzie Ann